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Digital Associates is a technology-based media market research company that emphasizes on providing Thai businesses with the most innovative technological services to monitor their product’s performances to the public. Our aim is to revolutionize Thailand, its advertisement, music and syndication industry by providing a completely new way of how multimedia channels such as radio and television songs and advertisements are monitored. The once inaccurate, inefficient, very expensive and in most cases unattainable ways of manually monitoring these contents by human will be replaced by our patented technology that captures, summarizes and display advertisements and songs intelligence in real time on the internet for every part of the country. We will be the only authority in Thailand with the capabilities to monitor the radio, TV and other multimedia channels.

We are confident that our accurate, comprehensive, and timely intelligence is necessary for investor’s and the creative citizen’s confidence which is necessary for any industry to grow. A new systematic way to find media knowledge will create a more intelligent capable group of workers, entrepreneur and investors, who can develop the market up to it’s potential.

Digital Associates will participate in a wide range of businesses that can utilizes our patented monitoring technology in forms of strategic partnerships, subsidiaries or joint ventures with competent businesses in the domestic and foreign business community such as a national music chart and national music award. The goal for us is to help each business succeed by providing the best market intelligence and freeing each businesses to focus on their core business.

Executive Summary

Although advertisement, music and other syndicated material has been on the air to the public many decades ago, never before has entities in Thailand been able to monitor precisely what is on the air. Digital Associates will be the first company in Thailand able to monitor every single piece of music, advertisement and syndicated material. How? Because of our technology-base monitoring system which is one of the most innovative, most advance technology for the broadcast monitoring industry to date. No other company in Thailand, to date, has the degree of technical expertise or corporate direction to development this innovative offering to the market. Yet broadcast monitoring is the key success factor for the advancement of our country in so many ways with the key benefits as follows:

  • It provides the country with accurate, comprehensive, and timely media intelligence on the advertising, music and copyright & syndication, a necessity for Thailand to grow creatively, intellectually and financially.
  • Develop the market in terms of royalty collection, and give the creative citizens the return or their intellectual properties they have never received to its potential. This will, in return, encourage Thailand as a whole to yield boundless new, innovative and original ideas, another necessity for the globalization age.
  • The music and advertisement monitoring industry in Thailand is estimated to be worth more than one billion baht and currently there are no players providing any services like ours in this industry. Importantly, none of the potential competitors have the level of technological and marketing expertise that Digital Associates command. Digital Associates are experts in both the areas of information technology, marketing, and market research due to our management team structure.


The concept of collecting information from one’s own company’s and competitor’s via radio and television advertising activities in the past was possible through human labor, but it was absurdly expensive, inefficient, slow, and holds a fraction of the total information. However, these incomplete information is used to make vital short and long term plans in a number of areas, including strategy, marketing, advertising, research and development or even mergers and acquisition. We will revolutionize the market and our targeted customers take a proactive approach to gaining internal and competitive intelligence by:

  • Minimizes surprises from competitors
  • Identifies opportunities and well as threats
  • Give them hard information to use in formulating their company’s plan
  • Allowing organizations to learn from their competitors and the market.

Permits more accurate assessment of the impact one’s company’s action will have on a competitor

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